Bonfire Night

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

Sparklers twinkling brilliance,glints in a young childs eyes.
Shimmering fountain of flashes,a frolic of feisty fire-flies.
Bonfire burning brightly,terracotta and tangerine dream.
Old wooden planks and timber,they snap and crackle and scream.

Lantern of light all around us,rainbow of rockets ride high.
Explosion of colour on canvas,sabotage the jackal night sky.
Children like tree trunks are rooted,kaleidoscope knots that are eyes.
Fireworks roaring from launch-pads,children in awe and surprised.

Roast-chestnuts mingling aroma hangs out with barren branches on trees.
Grass is trampled and matted,smell of gunpowder swirls in the breeze.
Guy Fawkes,his soul is amoung us,see his silhouette wandering by.
Two kids shouting loudly at revellers "Hey mister,geez a penny for the guy!!"

The festival of flame is now flickering,fierce flowers of fire now afraid.
Hot ashes and embers being doused now,by our local Fire-Brigade.
So Guy Fawkes (we remember....)
On the 5th of November sixteen hundred and five.


Bonfire Night is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, it is an annual celebration,mostly in Great Britain, traditionally and usually held on the night of 5th November. Festivities include firework displays and the lighting of bonfires.

Historically, the celebrations mark the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605 to blow up the House Of Lords by a gang of men led by Guy Fawkes.

Children make effegies of Fawkes and display him on street corners and shout "Penny For The Guy!" in a hope to get money from the revellers.The guy is then burn on the bonfire.

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