Zamfara shall be freed

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

The vomiting anus does not know her curse.
But should not blame the somersaulting stomach
That triggered a thousand poisons to the caecum.
The mud-erected waste house should bear the company
Of guarding house flies chanting the American soldiers war songs.

Inside the shrine of health,
An ocean of weeping bodies
Lying in the valley of death
And sing the fall of Emperor Nero
In a slang interpreted by their threading blood

“cholera paid our price to water,
With 30 pieces of silver,
To massacre the begging hands of the desert”
These were the beads of some prophet of health
But the magic of their multi-colored chalks
Tell a tale of a white elephant.
While the ecclesiastics of mosque
Have not struck out healing from the wailing ground.
We all,stood akimbo and watch Jericho fall
Zamfara shall be freed.....

written in the effect of cholera out break in Zamfara state,Nigeria

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