My Troubled Child

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Place your fears into perspective,
And take my out stretched hand receptive,
I'll guide you to a place that's safe,
My troubled child, abandoned waif,

Please dry those seeping, weeping eyes,
For child so young your future lies,
With fate that soars on bracing breeze,
Whispered by the wisdom trees,

Spoken by our Lord almighty,
Loved as Goddess Aphrodite,
Prophesied by psychic Seer,
Guarded by a Celestial sphere,

Oh my little one of purity,
Embrace these arms for you're security,
Place your searching step with mine,
And to me all your strife consign,

Avoiding paths of no avail,
We'll make a path and leave a trail,
From this trace, your future lands,
Safe within an angels hands.

Composed by Keith Lumbard 15 November 2010

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