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It was a cool clear night there was no sign of frost nor rain,
the sheep in their snug warm wool grazed on the wide plain.

In the distance we could see a star shining fierce and bright,
gazing at the sky we thanked God for it was a wondrous sight.

Tho' our eyes were heavy with sleep we kept a watchful eye,
guarded our flocks with our life saw that no danger lurked by.

Then suddenly a splendid vision in white, an angel did appear,
we were rooted to the spot our hearts trembled with great fear.

As if in a dream we thought we heard the glorious angel say,
“Do not be afraid for I bring good tidings to all of you today.”

“In David's town a child is born a humble manger for his bed,
In strips of cloth he is wrapped, a mound of hay for his head.”

“He is the One chosen for his people by their Almighty God,
with love a son has been given, he is called Christ the Lord.”

A thunderous sound we heard a throng of angels giving glory
their voices filled the heavens on high with joyous majesty.

Our sheep were grazing calmly as silence reigned once more
we were excited, nothing like this had happened to us before.

Gathering our flocks together we decided to journey and see,
to Bethlehem, the place we knew the child would surely be.

We followed the star till it stopped above a simple little shed
there lay a baby, wrapped in cloth just as the angel had said.

In joyful wonder we bowed humbly before the innocent child
we had none to give, only our lambs offered warmth so mild.

We told his parents our story and how the angels gave praise,
that incredible night, we'll not forget till the end of our days.

29 Nov 2010

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