a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

It's so beautiful,
the whole flat
is decorated Christmassy.
If you could just see it!
The pyramid turns lively -
I am really delighted.
Oh how warm does the first light glow;
at last it has come, the Advent.

How could one
not love this time?
Though the world outside is still gray
I do not fear
thiefs in the dark -
as long as everyone let shine a light;
a glimmer of hope in the deep night,
when Jesus awakes in two weeks.

Silently the first
snowflakes fall down.
We are at the Christmas fair.
Three candles are burning already,
Christmas songs are played everywhere.
The wish of doing something good to the poor
is growing in so many people's hearts,
the spirit of Christmas is affecting them.

The time of waiting
will soon be over,
for now the fourth light glows.
Oh bell of peace,
your ringing trails away,
in some countries you can't be heared.
Peace, not only on Christmas Eve -
it's such a wonderful thought.

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