Love gods at garden party

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Assembly of flowers, measured by impartial hands of equality,
Slowly danced the tune of gentle breeze.
Fainting sun suddenly intervened on its way to the west.
A mixture of love and ecstasy caressed gods and goddesses.
Westlife’s 'Angel's wing' started sneaking from a speaker, flanked in the west.
On the chests and hips, gods and goddesses glued themselves,
While their hands, hugged firmly at their palms,
Are fluttered by the rhythm of the music's melody.
Their legs moved sideways, parallel to each other.
Lips threatened lips but were separated an inch by the magical dance.
The dance pushed the goddess to lean on the chest of the god,
While the god bent to hang on the chair less air.
Their lips began to pale, and 'I love you'
Were poured from their mouths and their closing eyes.
'I can die for you my love' whispered by the god
Made joyful tears rolled on the cheeks of the goddess.
Lips hesitated a while and began engulfing each other in hastiness.
And four legs quickly fastened themselves to a Corner,
Under the shade of a coconut tree,
Where their cloths were flung to the sky.

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