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Endosulfan a banned pesticide,
still in use where devils rule.
Human images change surrealistic.
Deformed decomposed melted bodies
fall through retinas,
an aftermath of cruel greedy culture.
Human flesh is carved into filths.
Faces turned side ways,
Heads roll like zombies.
Tongues twisted as thick as a ball,
stuck in mouth,
But not as thick as a political skin.
Skins drain and drip like scales.
Inner organs see through feeble skin.
Some had their limbs twisted.
Many of their eyes protrude in fear.
They all still alive as guinea pigs;
cursing fate.

The tragedy is that everybody,
Is still holding a knife. Slicing,
Slicing their pound of flesh!

Dear ones let me drop my tears for you
I write my poem with my blood

Note:- Endosulfan is a dangerous pesticide
used in plantations. Many counties banned this chemical.
Here is India we are using it extensively. The government of India is reluctant to
Ban its usage. At Kasarkode in Kerala many are suffering genetic disorders due to extensive use of this chemical. Every one is busy slicing their pound of flesh

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