a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

And now indeed even now at last

Slowly the tone rang out loud!

And the drum sound rise in laud

On this hard soil, Our very land.

Of the song, all singers sing

Of the drum, all drummers beat

Of the road all runners run.

And retired to a room never once en-shared.

And death her silent steps

Invisible through the souls terrain

Armed with his merciless evil's club

Lurked around Anthony's bed

Without mercy took his soul away.

The bereavement of this our elder statesman

Cut deeply into the marrows of our bone

The grief of loosing Enahoro

Is best spelt by our wearied heart

Our anguished mourning of the dead man's soul

Is really a track for our mournful loss!

Again and once more, a woe befell us

One of our bravest soldiers fell in war

One of our brightest Stars dimmed and gone

One of our best leaders killed by death -

If at all tears can bring you back

We'd cry our tears into great great ocean

And if it's the nodding of our mourning heads

We'd all go about nodding like lizards

Or it's our numberless hisses that can bring you back

Then we'd all hiss more than the snakes!!!

Or if it will be our tribute words and writes

Then we'd have finished all papers and inks in all

(For you yourself you are a tribute to us!)

Or if it be condolences to your poor family

Then all Nigerians will flood your place...

But it is a pity all these can't do.

The milk is split, you've gone! However

Your name lingers in our heart forever!

For we knew we've really lost a gem.

Goodbye to you Anthony Enahoro

Goodbye to one that fought for our FREEDOM!!! ?


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