a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

We galloped through many weeping mountains,
And horror bleeding thousand seas.
To eye-handshake the Saviour of our world.
We are armed by frankincense, Gold and Myrrh.
We kings of East and professors of stars,
In Jerusalem, we embraced a palace welcome,in a straight crooked pattern.
The crown with a callous face towered our faces.
And his words began to woo our words,
Till our mission striped naked to his cruel curiosity.
Out of envy, the crown called massacre,
And scions of Bethlehem saw a rain of blood
Against boneless infants of today
And that of weathered two seasons.
Mothers' tears questioned the size of the red sea,
When blood of their infants stream in Bethlehem.

Our willing toes shuddered at sudden-struck of despair,
When in dream we discussed with an angel.
The journey breathed, the plucked star smiled again.
Galaxy of glory greeted us from cheering cikamos.
And sweet hymns from a thousand seraphs,
Echo hallelujah in our delighted souls
Glorious invincible present of
The child king sitting gallantly in a manger,
Nodded at our presents, wich signals we are welcome.
And our knees rested on the sands of the desert,
As we worship the long awaited king.

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