We Are all Equal

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

To all the masses that may read,
Of any race or any creed,
I stand before you and not hide,
Religious tendencies inside,

Contented with my heresy,
That lives within, unique to me,
Culminates from answers sought,
And all the lessons life has taught,

Embracing arms, I wish to reach,
Not with words to preach or teach,
As you, I dwell with equal worth,
Conceived to life, to death, to earth,

Good and evil tests our will,
To challenge each and all until,
We understand defining laws,
That saves us from the devils jaws.

Seek to give, as you expect,
Treat with mutual respect,
We all have souls, their purpose be,
To carry forth our legacy.

Composed By Keith Lumbard 01st January 2011

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