Judge Me Not

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

I have to write the words I feel,
Not the truth should I conceal,
One may take or leave my views,
It’s their prerogative to choose,

I'll not conform and fill the need,
Of those that only wish to read,
Verse that fits demeanour theirs,
And not the work of he who dares,

To demonstrate with honest word,
Not remonstrate, but just be heard,
I have opinions just as you,
You have beliefs, I have mine to,

If you should fail to understand,
And choose to take a moral stand,
Off retribution judge you seek,
I'll bend and turn the other cheek,

Those with glass constructed homes,
Refrain from casting slate and stones,
Or your silence bring to bare,
One day you may just need me there.

For me to live and give and care,
With selfless charity to share,
When all that goes, has come around,
Your sanctuary in me is found.

Composed By Keith Lumbard 02nd January 2011

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