The Emergency Room

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

The street dirty blood on the hospital clean floor
Casualties enter the emergency room door
Patients wait to be seen in orderly line
Doctors and nurse and orderlies go back and forth
With bandages and the stitches the jabs and the tubes
On a stretcher a sever ill person attached to four drips its just normally two
The doctor in ER says I need a bed in High Dependency straight away
The Sister in charge of the High Dependency said
There are no beds left
The bed manager juggle with the short supply beds
I've got to find this patient a bed
Disorderly minds: people who overdose pause thoughts loss
Sit amid the sickly confused in the waiting room
A nurse calls out the next name
The injured person makes his way into the treatment room
Await for a nurse to attend to his wound
In a treatment room the nurse tells a patient
The doctors said you've got just a head cold
You've to take plenty of fluids and of you go
Police take a statement from a victim of crime
The blood stain cloths put in paper bags marked crime scene
Nurse dictate the victims medical notes to the police
For the Crown prosecution report
A mother says I'll see that person spend a long time in jail
Her son dressed in a head bandage and dressed in fresh cloths
The paramedics rush a sever ill person to the ER door
Make way make way loud voices shouts but
The poor soul doesn't make to the Resuscitation
The nurses and the doctors have seen it all before
In the corridor the next in kin wails out loud
Outside a family member make the sad phone call
Inside the continuous various commotion and emotions
Where the sick and blood spilled on the floor
A doctor tells a patient the brutal truth
Next time you forget to take your repeat medication
You will end up like the rest of the decease behind the fridge door
The tireless ER staff finished their shift tired
The fresh staff of the night shift start
Fresh patients come through the door
With fresh wounds that need attended to
A very busy night on a new year night
The six Emergencies rooms are full
There's a scuffle in the waiting room
Street dirty blood on the hospital clean floor

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