Pakistan, Let Us Weep

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

What is it to wake up
in a cold dark day
seeing your homes, farms
and graveyards turning
into rivers of Indus
that strangulate and suffocate
millions of hectares of your
farm lands and millions of animals?

What is it to wake up
in many more cold nights
without your roofs,
continually drowned by the
fury of waters that seem
cannot be appeased
by your lament and prayers?

What is it to live in tents
under the searing heat
of the sun
helped and threatened
by the Taliban
while lamenting over your lost
loved ones?

When will these river beds turn dry?
When will these raging waters calm down?
When will a flag of peace and rest
be raised among conflicting interests?
When will the world
join hands to bear the pain
of the suffering Pakistan?
written after the recent floods in Pakistan

Fury of Nature and Human Responsibility

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