a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Who could stab your name in the chanting crowd?
Or the glory released by our drumming lips?
We know you could not see the crown.
Occupied by Judases of our soil.
They say you must scale your sins with the Lucifer’s,
Or measure the blood of innocent you wasted in tanks.
Before your hairs take shade from the national crown.
Enjoy the true victory buried in our hearts.
'One man, one vote is the song of our constitution.
But never to be sung near the polling station.
'Free and fair' is the right arm of democracy.
A phrase familiar even to my puppies
But who is free at a point of a gun
Or at the hit of a Satan-clayed man?
If these are fair, the Lord behind the cloud knows.
A day when Sodom shall be burnt
And Gomorrah made ash,
We shall borrow the crown of Caesar
And make you king the true son of the soil.

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