a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

8pm was about to assume her daily work post,
When tentacles of violence were vomited from some drunken lips.
Humming in the mosque took another dimension,
And scions of vampires were made ready celebrate Christmas.
The Christmas Eve began:
And the ecclesiastic’s noses were choked with black odour of human blood.
Hallelujah was sung, but nobody was left to sing the 'silent night'
When a strange sound quaked the church’s foundation.
And commanded each block to wander in the sky.
A thousand bodies were found asleep with instructions never to wake.
Blood as perfect as gushing spring occupied the weeping alter.
People's tears were solicitors, but could they question the terrorists,
When the real terrorists found haven in the executive crown and immunity clause?
Some humanity with missions of sword
Should leave umbrella for religion and give name to their hate.
Some angry youths sprinkled protests on the street,
When some Muslim fundamentalists claimed responsibility of the bomb blast

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