a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

By slow paced steps she reached ashore.
Silver hackles of wild grass kiss her feet.
Sitting on a rock she chatted silently to waves,
weaving her thoughts around world.
Fishes flashed with their gills open gasping.
She smiles in turn dreaming their pinky lips.
Finally splashing her feet in water, praying.
She placed her imprint, sounding her anklets.
Day takes a dip slowly in the ocean.
Dusk falls in bits and pieces all around.
Bird clusters return home discussing the day.
Slowly veil of mist covers the horizon.
Night sky spreads her wings wider to eternity.
Emerging Stars wink eyes in quick succession.
Moon still hides behind celestial mountains.
I see a moon rises far behind your blue eyes.
Your diamond nose-stud holds a fallen star!
A ray of hope rises from waves of turbulent mind

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