Critique Me With Empathy

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

I'm just a verse in infancy,
Naked here of glory,
I long to be a poem proud,
Of rhyming word or story,
Wishing that the keenest eyes,
Will follow as I grow,
And critique me with empathy,
And charity below,

Not a single poet here,
Engrave these words you read,
Multi nationalities,
Religious groups and creed,
Gather thus upon this page,
Of each their native tongue,
Holding hands across the globe,
And voicing here as one,

Judge here not for grammar poor,
Or punctuation dire,
Indicate my structures poor,
Or rhythm I require,
There's not a writer or a poet,
Or a teacher be,
That understands my passion raw,
The feelings here in me,

I was just a verse in infancy,
But now I'm tasting glory,
I've come to be a poem proud,
Of rhyming word and story,
Knowing that the keenest eyes,
Have followed as I've grown,
And critiqued me with empathy,
And charity below,

For All the budding poets on VN, young or old your work is important, your efforts are appreciated, your friendship irreplaceable.
There is no such thing as a perfect poet, please keep your reviews constructive and inspiring, we are all here to learn from one another.

Composed By Keith Lumbard 11th January 2011

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