The god of dictatorship

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Watching from the screen:
A large-mouthed god flutters flag for the defeat in the ballot box,
And ordered the dove whose glory was stolen
To seek haven in the external palms.
What is constitutional council?
When truth has assumed the statue of the sun
What has big brother got to do with crown?
When in a decade of baptism of cords and daggers
Authorities were offered to Ascaris worms of economy
To suck the dissolved in our intestines?
Kwashiorkor as highly ranked officers later gave us order to eat sand
Are we truly human?
When biologists have sketched the real power of Mal-nutrition on our bony bodies.
Many are higher gods from the stars and stripes,
Have anthologized poems of a thousand -isms to silence the irony of peace.
But our callous-prone god favors the configuration of ears to the rhythm of violence.

Now poses death arrogantly at our door, beating his chest gallantly
And showcases his desperate through anger-clouded youths.
The menace of stammering musket stings no more fear to the angry souls.
Men whose chest vibrates, have fled to arsenal
To indicate their choice of weapons from the ecclesiastics of death.
Feeble women have also sought refuge to avoid the traumatic services of beasts.
Anarchy positioned on the hills roars
Laughter to our reverie of external aid
Another civil war bangs at our ant-devoured doors with ivory of hope.
On the rope of despair, we all swing and await the decision of fate.

On the political crisis in Ivory Coast

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