The hawk the dove and the table

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

One swoop of the hawk's talons
The dove didn't stand a chance
Fallen from heaven the dove died
before it enter the room
Cried the light of truth as
the light became unlit
No birth of true light
No triumph for mankind

Mankind hid under the table in silence
from the killer hawk
On top of the table the hawk
paced up and down
For eternity it seems the hawk
clawed and pecked at the surface of the table
he just couldn't get at mankind
A strange thing happened as
the more the hawk clawed and pecked
at the table's surface
the table repaired its self
This drove the hawk insane
How can this be I killed the dove of love?
I'm going to destroy the goodness of man
Blinded by his own rage
The hawk just couldn't stop
at pecking and clawing at the table
Addicted to his own madness
he just kept on pecking and clawing
to get at mankind
So unkind this is the hawk said in a rage
I've suppose to have destroyed the honesty of
man at this stage
The hawk couldn't let go the
addictive hatred for man's goodness

After many many moons
The hawk and his bittered hated heart died
Trying to get at mankind
The table surface absorbed the dead hawk's corpse

Mankind got up from beneath the table
Eyes of man blinded by the dark
Mankind moved in silence because
They lost the gift of speech over
The countless years in silent fear
But in man's heart a speck of flame grow
Grow and grow the flame did
The unborn flame fed on the
Inner- speech of man's heart
This awakened mankind voice
Man opened his mouth
And out flow the spirit of love
The light of truth
The dove from heaven
That reached to all the corners of the room

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