Lets Clean Up This World

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

It’s a very fine line we slavishly follow,
A bitter sweet pill, that's hard to swallow,
Life seems cruel with nowhere to turn,
From our own mistakes, we painfully learn,

Nights become empty, days appear long,
Nothing runs smooth, right becomes wrong,
We graft and we toil, yet hard as we try,
Reward is a pittance, just enough to get by,

We worry and stress, chew over the fat,
Which way do we turn, this way or that?
We grumble with envy, believing we dare,
The grass is much greener, a way over there,

We scrimp and we save, we turn down the heat,
Recycle and stretch, for both ends to meet,
Or turning to drinking, a downward decline,
Lending to substance, while others to crime,

Families are homeless, through loss of their jobs,
Others lose wealth from unscrupulous yobs,
Some live by the sword and die by the knife,
To those with no say, in the quality of life,

From death by starvation, diseases and war,
To the impoverished cries, we choose to ignore,
With biblical flooding from weather profound,
Erupting volcanoes engulfing the ground,

This world we've developed, our actions naive,
Born out of jealousy, desire and greed,
Cut down on pollution, dismantle our arms,
Focus attention to growth of our farms,

As another door closes, one opens a new,
With options refreshed, from choices so few,
Grasp with both hands for the signs are all there,
Let’s clean up this world, for our lineage to share.

Composed By Keith Lumbard 28th January 2011

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