a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

When the nature's eye each day in rise
I will look up myself as much as thrice
And really wonder how he craved me did
From my hair to toe and indeed all my deed
I often think and always says in a tram
I am who I am, indeed I am...

I'm never ceterisparibus with anything
For my nature is a unique define being
My height and weight,colour and tape
Can't be compared indeed with any gape

I will declaim myself in front of the world
For it is a relief to any soul, my distinct word
And my ravishing beauty will make them ward

As the moon shows brightly amidst the stars all date
So I am among the women of my mate.

Indeed I am who I am Irreplaceable.

I am who I am, strictly I am
A theamata of beauty O well I am
Blazing sun, shinning moon, soothing leaf
The relief breeze purest honey of the highest cliff
I am who I am a beauty psalm
I am who I am I'm glad I am....

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