the rain washed away the snow

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

The rain washed away the snow
of yesterday
The rain wash away the snow man
that stood over four foot tall now
that snow man is gone

Now gone the
Snow the angels sent
that brought smiling faces on the
little ones faces
The little one glum faces
look at the heavy rain from the window panes
The angels look at God and ask him
What did you do that for?
Why inflict the pain of the
boredom rain on the little ones?

The young
sledged down the snow slopes
in the park until it was dark
that was yesterday
Now those sledges put away
for another snowy winter day
as those slopes are
Awash with rain today

Larking around in
the snow young lovers did- yesterday
gone are young love in
pouring boring rainy park
Even the dark in the park
dislike the rain liked the snow

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