a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

The beautiful nature's eye had shone
Pouring and waxing her glamour hides
Upon the great pyramid of Giza
And on the mysterious garden of Babylon
Shone upon the temple of Artemis at Ephesus
And brings out the glories of Zeus's statue
Lights through the mausoleum of Halicarnassus
And skillfully brush the Rhodes colossus
And came smiling at Alexandria light house
As if a young man, a beautiful maiden saw
Behold! A lissome cynosure comely she came
A panoply panacea to every woebegone;
Whose face akin the static staring star
That shines her fetching face to light
The octave living wondrous wonder !!!

How deftly she walks face beguiles
With all felicity, her rosy body flies
More than Venus, her perfect soul guides
Her beauty is the stormy strong war
That can banish Aphrodite and she enthroned
I wonder what can equate the Gossamer
The ebony Gossamer worthier than gold
Her utterances the solo concerto
Ringing the drums of every swain attracts
Satisfied to sit amid the efflorescence breast
That blossom forth the very dulcet fluid
Oh! See how gracefully she stand!
Like the chatoyant very cute and clear
Oh! How I wish an arras I can turn
That she might tread her golden legs in turn
Though demurring this angel can be
But her elixir image can burst out the wind
Oh! Smell the redolent she encircles
More fragrant than the ratatouille...

Oh! Come and see this wreath in find
In my serendipity I've found a lissome lass
Whose beauty none in the world can match
And even Roxane and all her sogdanic wealth
A lass whose dalliance every swain will shun
But prefers everlasting love-courted field.
Oh! All you peacocks in the bluish sky
And the finest in the green-brownish wood
Oh! Aphrodite, Roxane... will you stand up and say
"Welcome" to the deified goddess of beauty!!!

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