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Oh, nature cease your petty child-like ways,
Frail homes immersed by rising waters' might,
Sun burns the sands with its unholy rays,
Torrential rains clog soils with wet delight.

Volcanoes spew hot ashes in the air,
Hills carry down a sea of muddy load,
Odd climate changes common here and there,
Vehicles plunge when cracks form on a road.

Meandering rivers over banks they flow,
Sea waves climb high with sudden deathly mirth,
Cold icy winds spread heavy fog and snow,
Disasters cause much fear around the earth.

“With constant change do I bring joy and woe,
But men cause more deaths when to war they go.”

5 Feb 2011

3 quatrains and 1 couplet
rhyme scheme - abab cdcd efef gg – 10 syllables in each line
in iambic pentameter

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