"A Small Lump of Clay with a Transient Name"

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(In response to Roy's request)

Creation forms upon the table
A heart beats not, within the clay
Lord guide my hands so I am able
To give this piece some life today

Clogging up my finger nails
A fleeting image doth appear
A foot, a hand and fingers frail
A head that only has one ear

I sense a nose piece on the ground
I shape and roll to form some lips
They frame a mouth that makes no sound
Then eyes appear that see no ships

I tried so hard to emulate
The wonder of your image self
My feeble efforts to create
Now dust to dust upon Your Shelf

Aramis /|\

"Whither the Wind Blows, there Falls the Seed"
Matters of Faith
"You may borrow my pen, but don't use my ink"
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"Whither the Wind Blows, there Falls the Seed"

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