"A Small Lump Of Clay - With A Transient Name"

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

A small amorphous lump of clay,
Immortalized by hand that day,
Pressed, caressed, with love and care,
His life and times imprisoned there,

A work of art, now centuries old,
His history in every fold,
Crafted on a Tourette wheel,
With the potters hands of skill,

Upon the crafted slurry glazed,
The burdens of his heart there blazed,
A fable stained this piece ornate,
Revealing colours of his trait,

And traced upon foundation sound,
An evanescence stamp profound,
Reveals the search of claim to fame,
The creator with a transient name.

In response to Roy Kneale’s inspirational poem title request.
Composed By Keith Lumbard 11th February 2011

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