Settled now her son Paul is

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Settled now her son Paul is
No more fever no more pain
Death has finally settled him
The eldest son of five siblings
Ten years of age her Paul was
Her Paul being dead ,she
can't believe it, so sudden,
her mind dead
Affectionate, loving, happy child
but a weak child
The cold damp Donegal winter air
played havoc with her son chest. Paul
prone to chest infection during the
winter time
How she dreaded the winter time
when the cold clouds came
Came and claimed her son those
cold clouds did
She must be strong and
keep those sorrowful tears at bay
Lay in rest on the marriageable bed Paul
Where he was conceived and born
Good times then. Then; is
all in the past., Paul youth didn't last
She closed the bedroom curtains
Her shawl round her dark hair
Paul's body still warm
A warmth smile he brought to her heart
Now her heart torn apart
How she going to tell Paul's twin sisters
and two younger brothers. She
left the room, where
Paul's life and death began
Her husband sprinkle Paul with
holy water and through out the night they both prayed
for a deliverance,but deliverance didn't come
They could only comfort their son as
best as they can to his final end
She open the door. The
rest of her children knew that
their big brother was no more
She shut the door and
wept with her children
Behind the door her husband cried

Outside the
Donegal cold clouds
scurried by. They seem to sense
the death that they caused

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