My Love, My Life, My Hopes, My Dreams. My Jewel

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Mon amour, (My Love),

You're my sail to catch the lightest breeze,
Diffuse the oxygen within,
Impel me with your gracious ease,
Infuse the veins beneath my skin,

Ma vie, (My Life),

Steadfast within the safest hands,
My laureate my sacred friend,
With one that verily understands,
Accompany me to journey's end,

Mes espoirs (My Hopes),

To dance with you another slow,
Devine renditions of our youth,
Leaving footprints as we go,
To follow in the steps of truth,

Mes rêves (My Dreams),

Behold I tease a vivid view,
With autonomous, virtuosity,
An Elysium for me and you,
Euphoria your aura be.

Mon bijou. (My Jewel)

Mon amour, Ma vie, Mes espoirs, Mes rêves and Mon bijou are all French words.
Composed By Keith Lumbard 19th February 2011

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