a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Out of company of my sheets and pillows
Your invisible present tip-toed into my weary heart.
A thousand butterflies were on the flowers,
Singing serenade for our hearts,
Destined for oneness in the long journey of life.
A dream, never to be quashed
By people’s jealousy and distractions.

In the morning,
Your unadulterated beauty
Command the attention of the virgin sun
While at night,
The stars in multitude,
Roll at your feet to kiss goodnight
To their role model.
Men of honors stampede
In admiration of creator’s beautiful art
Littered on your body.
You are forever a gift to humanity.

My love, I am a gift of heart,
Drenched by love
And beautifully baked by roman cupid
On a mission to make you laugh at your heart breaks.
Please my love; accept my offer in full glare of moon
And lonely dark night.
With gods guarding our spilled promises as witnesses.
A dream never to be quashed
By peoples jealousy and distractions

On summer morning,
I will take you to the green field,
Constantly dried of human’s madness
Where two lover’s handprint pleasure
On their wet fresh bodies.
Under the gaze of summer rain and jealous trees.

There, I will gaze your eyes and say, I love you
And let nature kiss the long promised ring.
Before it takes shade on your fingers.
This is our dream never to bequashed
By human jelousy and distractions

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