“ Whither The Wind Blows, There Falls The Seed”

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Genesis...where instability transpires,
beyond our realm, frontiers of space,
mankind’s reasoning expires,
where gravity dictates the pace,

Abstruse eons past have flown,
born of woman yet not by man,
by Fathers word his name was known,
from virgin ovule life began,

Upon a pilgrims road devout,
he touched the eyes and of the skin,
miracles erased their doubt,
even on the soul with sin,

Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
who gave us of commandments (ten)?
with cross to bear they stole his breath,
resurrected back to life again,

With reach and grace he now bestows,
upon his flocks a sacred creed,
now wherever “whither the wind blows,”
within your prayers “there falls the seed,”

I humbly submit my poem in response to Jacinta Ramayah's request.

Composed By Keith Lumbard 25th February 2011

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