a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

The hurt, the pain, the tears, the strain
Controls her life but with what to gain
Her happiness gone, her joyfullness crushed.
Friendships ruined, her hope turned to dust.

The life that she tasted has long flown away
and now for tommorow, just another day
A smoke screen she'll use to hide the bad news
the fear of them knowing, there is too much to lose.

She sees people care and wants to explain
but the reminder is there, dont do it again
The feelings she has, they wont go away
and still does she think will it help if I pray

These thoughts in her head they play over and over
but there is nowhere to hide or to run to for cover
Each day she awakes, and just like the last
it is empty and bleak, how long can this last?

The commander
Times of Struggle
Here I am

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