I heard that you are leaving town

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

I heard that you are
leaving town. I
heard that you ain't going
to hang around

Treated your heart cruel
A cruel man with no emotions
that what you said
That's me outside
but not inside
Hide my emotions from you
Turned your emotions inside out
I messed you about
Emotions total confusion
My heart eroded your love
I know
my heart cared for you
My heart did not show it
Hurt inside I did when I
heard that you were leaving

My heart found your love
My heart hid behind a wall of mud
I said that I didn't care for you
Those heated words
Those words now laid in an
argument of my own downfall
Lay a pathway that
my heart didn't mean to lay
My heart wanted you to stay
Stay but instead your leaving town today
Your heart ain't going to hang around

The echoes of your steps as you left
forever imprinted in my heart
My heart stand alone without your heart
I turn around the corner as
your bus pulled away
Too late
Deep inside my heart I
really wanted you to stay

Hurt inside
My emotional side now exposed
You aren't here to hear it

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