A hidden Beauty

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

The ground a dirty stony colour
its surface rough and cracked
the land they think can't become fuller
four months will answer that

meanwhile below a magic unfolds
she's rising up, she is going for gold
The soil is crumbling,the exitment grows
she moves up and up but still no-one knows

As time goes on she grows bigger and stronger
unexpectant the people, they dont even wonder?
each day goes by as they busy themselves
but under the ground, well that's something else

The months have passed, patient she has been
the time has now come for the magic to be seen
First comes a shoot, so elegant in stature
still they dont see, her pride do they fracture

Her beauty unfolds in the bright summer sun
the colours so vibrant, so playful and fun
A flower there stands for all to admire
Hidden for months, now displays her attire

At last she is noticed as she stands for all to see
months she has dreamed about how it will be
Her beauty unvieled but was hidden so long
Just for her momment where she feels she belongs.


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