a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A mysterious presence can be sensed in the air
An expression of freedom, of beauty and care
splashes of colour flashing before my eyes
Swooping and twirling, commanding the skies

The colours so vibrant, her beauty, it stuns
captures the senses and works deep in the lungs
All who can see her are amazed by her fire
So delicate and light she floats higher and higher

Look at her closely and what do you see?
A messsage of freedom, a portrayal of glee
to watch as the people indulge in their lives
nothing can hold her, as she swoops and dives.

Her beauty outstanding and catches the eye
yet the message she carries it will never die
Of freedom and loving, care and compassion
So just like our friend lets live life with a passion.

A hidden Beauty

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