The Love I Have Been

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

the love i have been

I can't help myself from thinking
those of thoughts of you that make me smiling
wonder what is this feelings
inside of me you have awakening.

each moment that i have you near
can't help myself to show how much i care
i'll try not to let it interfere
co'z my heart over-joyed with tears.

maybe because your still apart of me
that i can't attempt to let go easily
somehow i'll find a better way
to unchained my love to set you free

i was reminiscing of our memories
those funny moments your being with me
those crazy times we've share
it makes me think life is fair

i never regret the day i was with you
your my someone that nobody can do
someone whom i can turn to
through ups and downs up where we go

but for the both of us it doesn't work
we agree that this must be stop
we talk and decide to become friends
in our road someday will meet again

when the time comes you have to say goodbye
let me be with you even for awhile
and in your shoulder let me cry
so that, when i turned back you have my word goodbye.

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