Once it was just a dream

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I thank thee who appreciate my poem
I created it with love and inspiration
I'd like to share it to all nation
That writing a poem can also be a solution.

Many times we are down
Because of problems that makes us frown
Writing a poem is portray of a clown
when you think of funny moments you'll laugh till you drown.

I was inspired alot today
To know that someone like it already
Though i may not have the best poem ever
I'll do my best to aim higher

I am not a competitive type
I only want to express my feelings that's why I write
A poem that sooth in someone's life
That can bring them shine to make them feel light.

Poem is my way to express my personality
I write down notes when i think immediately
I believed if you've wait patiently
Time will come for me to set my mind totally

In this dream i've created
I pray to God that my wish will be granted
I learn God how much He loves me
Coz everything i have He gave it for free...

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