a poem by Nancy Ellen Crossland, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The city flashes neon lights
Glaring, moving
Blinking bright
Stop lights red
Turn left;
Go right
Misdirecting the lost tonight

Stray showers dampen sidewalks
Stained glass sparkles
Catching the light;
Streets now glossy
Puddles form
Drip drip,
Slip, slip
Shoes now sloshing
Rain is pounding
Trip, trip

Cafe gives shelter
For a while
Warm and dry
Coffee hot
Toss the dampness away
Share a smile

Through the window
Into the night
Skies hold the secrets
Of the lonely ones plight

Black of the sky
Turning to gray
Strands of clouds
Passing the moon
Waiting in expectation
Golden morning
Come soon

Nancy Ellen Crossland

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