"You may lead my horse to water, but you can't make him Drink"

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

You may lead my horse to water, but you can't make him drink,
Cracking of the whip each day, will give him cause to think.
You may coax him with some carrots, go down on bended knee,
Brush his back with curry comb and lease the harness free.

He'll consider all his options, may walk a stride or two,
Look as though he's willing and then he'll throw a shoe.
Exasperation will take hold, you shout for all your worth.
"He's a four legged alien", like nothing here on earth.

What about some sugar, you would think he'd go for that.
A bag of oats and special treat you've carried in your hat.
If that still fails to move him, please don't lose your cool.
He's seen you rant and rave before; you know he is no fool.

You need a brand new strategy, of that there is no doubt.
A pretty little filly, with verse of love to spout.
Perhaps a mare with flaxen hair and tail of plaited style,
Guaranteed to win his heart and sure to raise a smile.

She may measure up his quarters and sigh with rare aplomb.
Whinny through his withers and try to lead him on.
A stallion dark and handsome arrives to make her think,
She prances off without a glance, it's then your heart doth sink.


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