Day Out At The Record And Cd Fayre

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

A Day Out With My Daughter..

Cd's and old vinyl
music lovers fill the hall
Elton John and Dylan records
music feasts at every stall

finger flicking
through the songs of old
Posters hanging
(music bought and sold)
second hand or new
and memorabilia too
old cassettes and dvds
pristine boxes battered sleeves

leather jackets,greasy hair
scary bikers,records rare
men in black and skull tattoos
skinheads,mohawks,motley crews

tales of great concerts
(which they had attended)
spoke of their heroes
(like their family extended)
hours of browsing and haggling was spent
this music fayre is a yearly event

mum pushes pram as baby is asleep
not a place for little beau peep
sounds of John Lennon and Jacko were heard
musical greats we wish they were spared

daughter and i we had a great day
our love of music will never decay
we were borne of different musical era's
but share the same love but not the same heroes

For Zara

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