“You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Cannot Make Him Drink"

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

One can lead him to the stables,
You can nourish him with grain,
Try training if you're able,
Or hard work him for your gain,
Fun ride him through the prairies,
Then fast race him down a course,
Parade him in the winners ring,
If you only had a horse,
You could tempt him over fences,
Maybe make him pull a cart,
You can feed him lots of carrots,
That will really make him smart,
You could parade him in a dressage,
Or play polo in the mud,
And when he's old and passed it,
You can put him out to stud,
You could use him at a funeral,
Or even at a fair,
Adorn him for a wedding coach,
He really wouldn't care,
You can feed him lots of sugar,
So his spirit doesn't sink,
“You can lead a horse to water,
But you cannot make him drink”.

In response to Richards Request,
Pardoner I submit my poem.

Keith Lumbard 09th March 2011

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