The woman of sorrow

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Woman of sorrow
The horror of the violent wave
haunt her
Tears of sorrow painted on
her grieving face
Her loved ones are loss
Their final moments are
printed in her soul
Their lives are took by
the murderous wave that
stormed ashore

Collapse everything the killer wave did
Submerge the high tide mark
Lives submerge into the muddy dark
People splash violently-trying
to rise for life
The wave looked down at them
and swallowed and
spat out the debris

Woman of sorrow
Her tomorrow stand still
This day the ocean wave
float gently ashore
On the shore there just gore
and debris

Before the bad wave came
Life its self was orderly
Ordinary daily tears shed
The woman of sorrow
Her ordinary tears now replaced
with the tears of disorder

The woman of sorrow
Her heart is in pain
Suffering hardship
Trouble and misery the
woman of sorrow is left with

The woman of sorrow
The nakedness of the shore land
stripped bear for all to see
Total destitution-
a nation is stripped

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