a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

One can do precious little
Given the specter
Of a nuclear holocaust
Like sitting on a volcanoe:
Tempermental and sinister
Ready to erupt
Any moment

That is what -
The feeble intellect
Tells me;
Buries me
In a pit
Of depression
And depravity

Hope suddenly whispers:
Look at the cherubic child
With chubby cheeks
Kinky eyes
Angelic looks
Wrapped in innocence
Smiling over
The shoulder
Of an anguished mother-
Fighting fate
Huddled in a
Rescue shelter.

Love dawns;
Waves sent from all over
By kind caring souls;
Their shields and armour:
Love will overcome
The wile designs
Of a cruel fate

The volcanoe will not erupt
A slow stream of pure water
Will trickle down
The slopes
Quenching the thirst
Of everyone
Including this one !

As cheers go up
people look up
And thank the heavens
The worst is over!
Thank you Lord
For everything!

Thy will be done! Obeisance

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