Preparation Day

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Setting out the altar 'neath the Rood of God above
Candle stand of hand rubbed brass, with sticks of white that melt the heart.
Good book on the side, that speaks refrains of truth filled love
Covered cloth of linen hosts the bread and wine 'substant apart

Inner temple sanctuary, of secrets aged and lost in time
Closed doors that form to guard, protect, the Holy Grail within
Ark of covenanted stone with rules of life on tablets line
A formulated rhyme of ten, mankinds chance from whence begin

Priestly throne reclines to seat, with arms of welcome fold
Steps to proclamation hill, await the coming of the Lord
Thoughts are stilled to ponder clear, upon the Word which here be told
Liturgy of ancient sage, projected o'er with throng's accord

Gospels Four of witnessed Word, spell out the way to kingdoms trail
Sallied at our heart and soul, a target sure our paths to keep
Praise to Him Our Lord on high, who knows perchance when we doth fail
Sowing seeds of love to bloom, from depths within our being reap

Communion with our Saviour dawns, we pray for words of worthy kind
As we approach the shepherds cloaked, with hands and tongue in sure advance
Enjoin with Spirit of the Dove, through unleavened crust and vine
To find the Way, the Truth, the Life, an answer to all circumstance


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