a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

(A Common Prayer for Japan)

In these dark days in March
for the suffering people in Japan
We ask you, Lord, to show your light,
light to reach out those who are
are buried alive, light to lead
the rescuers to find all those
who have lost their lives.

In these hours of endless waiting
for the their beloved’s return
we ask you, Lord, to rekindle their hope,
hope in spite of despair over tragic loss
hope to see your presence even in ruins
hope to will to live though it means
so difficult to dwell and rebuild.

In these hours of fear and sorrow
when nuclear plants are exploding
and leaking, we ask you, Lord,
to bear the Japanese people
with the calmness of Your spirit
and we ask your wisdom
to lead the leaders
and all those
who have the know-how
to join hands
in delivering us from
this worldwide catastrophy.

March 16, 2011

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