'A Portrait of a Lady'

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Privilege of titled life, born of silver spoon thus fed
Childhood nanny chaperoned, early years well schooled in thought.
Plum shaped vowels of speech doth spout, honed in way of gentrified
Jolly sticks of hockey played on England's green and pleasant land

School of finished type, with educating mind refined
Season planned for debutante, coming out, Sorbonne behind
'Ascot Ladies Day', with shades of milliner and plumage full
'Regatta Henley' to enjoy with Royal patronage subscribed

Invitation dance of silk brocade and bodice starched
Sweeps down staircase entrance style of haughty background proud
Gentleman's excuse me plays out across the ballroom floor
Flowing gowns that swirl around awaiting carriage escort beau

Single minded Daddy's girl, in family prospered kind does seek
Union of blue blooded course in lines of studied influence
Marriage planned two clans adjoined, register of landed folk
Milady of the mansion house with servants waiting hand and foot

Opera house on opening night, Puccini's 'Turandot' rings out
Pitted orchestrated tune with voices of melodious power
'Pince nez' held by hand of glove, leaning o'er the box espy
Oh to be a Lady fair of regal poise and braided hair

Footnote:- In response to Elizabeth's friendly title request 'A Portrait of a Lady'

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