Good intention

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Good intention
Promise I changed
No more drink I tried
Went to pub for one wee half
The drink lied
Excuse for booze
The wee half ended up as wee half's
The wee half's got larger and stronger
The good intention got smaller
The change in the pocket got smaller
Happy with drink staggered home
Fumble the house key
Staggered in
Your face like fizz

Put on a front I did
A pack of lies I told
The smell of my booze
Like a fuse to you
That I lit
Petard of your explosive words
That blow up my drunkard unpleasantness
Under your thumb
Neglectful of your love
Lack of love
More lies
Over use the love word I have
Love word alien to you
Undeserving of your love
Unworthy of your love

You throw my cloths in
a black poly bag
Throw up I did over
the hall way floor
You throw me out
the front door

The door of love close
The end of love

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