I Paddle alone.

a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Here i'm in a populated world, full of riches and gold. A world full of great men and women, a world full of fanciful and beautiful things--yet I paddle on my own!

In the middle of the ocean, I paddle on own. In the thickest forest, I was lost, left and right no one to call my own!

The world has thougt me to do all things on my own, courage is all i have built up to paddle in the world of men!

I'll not give up, I'll keep on moving. Though the whole world has left me alone, I'm happy i am not rejected!

Though I paddle on my own in a populated world like this, yet in my struggles I discovered I was never alone. There was one beside me. One greater than the world!
Yes, i thought I was lost, soon I realize that I was paddling to the mountains of bliss, where complete solace I ve found in the son of God. I was never alone, no I'll never be.

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