Keep on moving

a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

I will keep on moving, I'll keep on pressing on. Though i grow weary, I remember there was one who moved before me and became a conqueror!

I will keep on moving. Though the road seem long long and turning, I'll press on for there is a price before me!

I will keep on moving, only those who forgets to put their trust in the that has gone before them faint and never rise up again; I'll keep on moving!

In a lonely and dreadfull path i journay, yet courage i ve built up never to stop pressing on, I'll keep on moving!

I journay alone in a long and fearful road, full of pains and cry, but the courage I ve has won my fear and cry. I will keep on moving!

Yes, at last I'm nearing my price; yet, I'll keep on moving. I will continue to press on till I get hold my price, for only the winner takes it all. I will never stop moving till i get hold my price. I'll keep on moving.

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