a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria



Born in a month, the blessed March

When the sources are sowed for cornstarch

When mars wage war against the harsh

And joyous sprouting from the steady marsh

Say I was born in a month that all things survive

I was born at a time that livings wake alive

Sap flows in trees, green buds and willows

Wild flowers in wood and grains on shows

Bears, woodchucks leave their sleeping bed

Frogs lay, and ducks to the north they spread.

Born in a time that end blustery and windy days

And welcomes sunny, mild and soothing rays

Born in the very "maaliskuu", the earthy month

When snows smelt, and fecundity mounts

When the earth's fires are really quench

When wants and needs are thrown into trench.

Month of the spring, month of sowing deeps

Months when Lions are tamed into sheep!



Born to march through the ides of March

Configured to walk boldly through the trial's arch

Through storms and mazes of stormy perch.

Born to march through the thorny cuts

Through the butts of enemy's riots

Through the cruelty and harshness of life's despots.

Born to march through detracting eyes

Through the chilly and the harsh touch of the ice

Through the hide-lying of my foes' device.

Born to march through the blazing fire

Through the dilemmas of earth's desire

Through the bounding chains of life's quagmire.

Born to march through the whirling winds

Through the rising shame of deeds chagrined

Through the tunes and playings of enemies' woodwinds.

Born to march through the accursed billow's crease

Through the bombs and calamities release

I shall succeed in my pursuit of the golden fleece!!!



Glory be to God, the ageless word

Who has done my creation by word

And lay my feet in that lady's womb, anchored!

Thanks to father who marries my mother

Thanks to mother, who never deprives the father

Thanks to the parent who gave me the feather.

Thanks to my teachers, each an every one

From He that taught me "Alif", "A" and "1"

To the very masters that taught me how to won.

Thanks to my friends, all that has me

Who have always through thick and thin, been with me

You are great, you are of no substance mean.

Thanks to all my FACEBOOK FRIENDS

You are always there through the needy trends

Thanks for all your wishes and comments (I LOVE YOU ALL)

And lastly, thanks to my foes, my detractor

Who have shown me how to run the "run of valor"

You are really great to have made me known all those stupors.

on my birthday, 27th march, 2011

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