The book of love!

a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

The book of love!

Thou act book that is full of stories and joy. Thou act book that gladdens the soul. Thou act book that is owned by every soul.

The book of love, thou are full of joy and happiness. Thou are so free of lies and so full of light.

The book of love how you ve set the soul of many at burning and have lifted many to the mountains of bliss where complete solace they ve found in search of you!

The book of love, thou act the desire of all that cherish and love to love. Thou ve made many so great and strong; thou alone is full of patients, endurance, hope, peace, joy, laughter, courage and lots more.

The book of love that great book that cannot be found in any library and yet is not hidden for anyone that needs it.

Thou act full with many discovery and thou act never old and thou alone is a book that education means nothing for all can read and understand. Thou art book of all books, the book of love.

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